Thursday, June 25

My Artwork Design

This was only some of my artwork from my shop. I have collection of few thousand of design that customer can choose, traditional borneo tribal to Japanese and US design. You can imagine how many design i will have since i involved in tattooing for more than 25 years. Customers also can bring they own picture and artwork for me to tattoo. Besides, i also have help customer design and do some add-on for they tattoo. Designing and customize new design according customer's opinion and fantasy is not a problem. Each customer will have they own unique and different design.

Tuesday, June 23

Cover up Tattoo

Most people came to find me asking about making another tattoo to cover up his/her old tattoo. If large scale tattoo were hard to cover especially tribal tattoo. Tribal tattoo usually is large & dark, so to cover it up indeed required a great amount of experience & skill. Here are some cover up tattoo photos.

This tattoo was a nude girl and the owner want to cover it up. It was quite large, so i need a large tattoo to fully cover it up.

This is the cover up tattoo, koi fish. I decide this piece as it can fully cover the nude girl without leaving any traces.

This is tattoo of a tiger. The color was fading & not so clear. So they decide to cover it up with other tattoo.

This is how it look like now after cover up by me using tribal tattoo.

This girl have a crown tattooed by another artist. She want to cover it up because it wasnt nice.

So i decided a japanese flower tattoo to cover up the crown.

A music man tattoo before cover up.

After cover up by me. So it completely remove the original tattoo.

Monday, June 22

Japanese Dragon Design

Japanese dragon design is the favorite tattoo among my customer. The dragon meant success and power. So most businessman will have dragon and koi fish tattoo on their body.

Japanese Koi Fish

Koi fish tattoo is one of most popular piece that people will like to have on their body. It has been well known for Chinese people as it was belief to bring wealth and luck to owner. Most of the japanese artwork are based on koi fish. Here is some of the photo on koi fish tattoo artwork.