Monday, June 22

Japanese Koi Fish

Koi fish tattoo is one of most popular piece that people will like to have on their body. It has been well known for Chinese people as it was belief to bring wealth and luck to owner. Most of the japanese artwork are based on koi fish. Here is some of the photo on koi fish tattoo artwork.


  1. Hi Mr Loh

    Posted a comment but dont know if you got it. Anyway ould u like to be featured on my blog? If yes, could u please send me the following

    1. What made you get into tattooing
    2. How long have u been tattooing
    3. Where did you learn how to tattoo
    4. Do u specialize in any specfic design e.g. borneo, japanese etc
    5. Advise for those wanting to get tattoos

    Could u also send me pic of the shop and perhaps of some of your work

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  2. Ya, i will be happy to be faetured on your blog. Once i have prepared all the details, i will email to you. Thanks!!