Sunday, December 23

Food For Thought

To all my friends and customer; as a tattoo artist for over 20 years, I always emphasize that never ever cheat or play tricks. By looking at my designs and artworks, one will be able to see the truth. I do always tell my friends & customer that putting a tattoo on your body is like having a companion for the rest of your life. So, a tattoo on your body that either good or bad will be with you for life long. Be sure that never voracious or greed for cheap price, as you'll regret for the rest of your life. Tattoo is difficult to remove, is not like wearing clothes that can be easily change. Even by using laser beam to remove the unwanted tattoo, one must bear a huge sum of money to remove it and suffer pain along the way. Last and my utmost advice is "Never ever be voracious or greedy for cheap tattoo".

本人对每个人作品认真对待,所以从不弄虚的这点你可以看的作品就知道了。 我有句时常对顾客朋友说纹身是纹在你身上好不好看,千万莫念个便宜,带给您一辈子的后悔。 毕竟一份价格一份货!勿念小便宜,以免后悔一辈子!纹身是难以去掉,不是穿衣服不要就可以去掉,用镭射洗纹身要花很多钱又很痛,尊重客人的每一寸肌肤如同自己,莫念便宜!

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